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Refuge, a film about Darfur

Refuge, a film about Darfur


Genocide or civil war?
Government-driven displacements or ecological catastrophe?
What is really going on in Darfur?
And what about the people?
Who are the people who are flocking to the refugee camps?
What are their stories?

Troubled by the headlines coming out of Darfur, Jonathan Pedneault works to raise awareness about the horror of genocide among fellow Canadian students. But something is missing. The human face behind these stories. So the young student convinces filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau to go to Sudan with him. Their search brings them face-to-face with tragedy.

featuring Abdoulaye Yaya, General Ganascia, Father Rouméas, Mohammed Hassan and El-Tahir Badawi

images Bill Stone editor Mark Morgenstern music Vincent Letellier

written and produced by Alexandre Trudeau and Jonathan Pedneault

directed by Alexandre Trudeau

As Jonathan and Alexandre try to secure passage to the western Sudanese region with a group of rebels, stories of growing human despair unfold against harshly stunning landscapes. Making their way through eastern Chad, they come across NGOs struggling to get food to the starving. Darfurian refugees fighting for water. Families living between walls made of branches, in limbo, as more and more people battered by civil war trickle into the camps. All live on the brink of survival.

Rebels finally take the filmmakers clandestinely to Western Sudan and into the heart of the war zone. As the team tries to understand the geo-political realities that plague the region, a bond develops with one of the rebel leaders. A lawyer who decided to fight for his people, he tries to protect the region from forces that are much bigger than his rag-tag group of young soldiers. Their fight for freedom from oppression is a daunting one. And the damage done to the region hard to fathom. There, the team finds the remnants of systematic devastation: villages burned to rubble and old women scraping through dirt for food. They find dozens of families trapped in the desert as they wait for rescue, in the harsh wind, sand, and hot sun.

Jonathan and Alexander’s journey reveals that, in Darfur, children and their families live on the edge of disaster, with nowhere to go. Without refuge. And tragedy waits at every corner.

Includes: The original English language version and the French version REFUGE, UN FILM SUR LE DARFOUR.

  • Format


  • Language

    English, French

  • Subtitles

    English, French

  • Region

    Region 1
    (U.S. and Canada only.)

  • Run Time

    52 minutes