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Malcolm Hearn

JuJu Films co-founder Malcolm Hearn discovered his passion for film while interviewing a gravedigger for LIBERIA: THE SECRET WAR.

Hearn soon started working in the editing room and in 2000, cut his teeth on Marlon Brando outtakes on THE SCORE, the star’s last film before his death. After moving to New York and proving himself editing for MTV, Ford, Nike, Discovery and PBS, he turned his energies to producing feature length documentaries UP WITH PEOPLE (2004), TRAGEDY: THE STORY OF QUEENSBRIDGE (2005) and FOR THE LOVE OF DOLLY (2006).

More recently, he edited THE BQE, a Koyaanisqatsi style film for indy pop/folk musician Sufjan Stevens which The New York Times described as “a sceptical view of development that eventually falls in love with sheer motion” and edited the film titles for the feature WE ARE MARSHALL starring Matthew McConaughey. He recently completed the feature length documentary MAKE, about outsider art throughout the United States.