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Karim Metwalli



Karim started writing code in BASIC and Logo at 6 years old on a Texas Instrument computer -- the kind that takes a cartridge. Maturing at a parallel rate to the PC, Karim was 16 when a school friend showed him how to use recursive algorithms in Pascal on a 386. At that pivotal moment, Karim knew that he was destined to become a software developer.

Pausing only briefly to hitch-hike and ride freight trains around the USA, Karim completed a degree in computer engineering (1996, University of Montréal), after which he headed to Corel to work on Paradox, the desktop database that was part of WordPerfect Office. At Corel, Karim learned his way around C++ applications involving millions of lines of code.

After but one usage of RealPlayer G2 in 1997, Karim felt a strong desire to play a role in the media revolution that computers were enabling. And in 1999, he joined RealNetworks in Seattle where he remained for 7 years, honing his project management and leadership skills as PGM.

In 2006, Karim returned to Montreal to establish Roxbox Inc. His firm specializes in time management and scheduling products and offers a wide range of turn-key solutions custom designed to meet the needs of start-ups.

Karim also acts as the chief internet advisor to JuJu Films.